What I Do

Pen Tuning

Nib tuning is the bread and butter of what I offer to the fountain pen community.  Every pen I sell is tuned (unless requested otherwise) to the perfect smoothness, alignment, and ink flow of your preference.

In addition to the retail pens I sell, I can tune your own writing instrument to become one of the best performing pens in your collection.  Check out my nib tuning service to get started today.  Anything from the Pilot Metropolitan through a Visconti Opera Master can benefit from a custom tuning.

Nib Grinds

Want to change the profile of your nib, or give your writing style a bit more flair?  Perhaps you finally found the grail you had been searching for, but it only came in a broad and you really want a fine?  A nib grind is what you need.

I offer cursive italics, stubs, width reductions, obliques, and architect grinds.  Tuning & smoothing is always included in a nib grind service.  Please Note: for steel nib pens only, I do not offer width reduction nor architects.  For all other metal types, the full range of services is available.

To assist with choosing a nib width (where needed) I have created a handy nib-width chart in both letter and A4 format.  Use this chart to compare your existing pens, and to get a feel for what nib width you would like in a final product.


I am equipped to do some targeted pen restoration, specifically the filling system and the nib, but in the interest of full disclosure please be aware I am not a master pen body restorer.  I can resac most lever or button operated pens, including vacumatics with breather tubing.  I can also restore Sheaffer touchdowns and PFMs.  I can open and restore the piston fillers on Pelikans, Montblancs, and many other pen brands.  Please reach out to me to discuss your needs.