How It Works

Great, you've decided you want your pen professionally tuned and want to proceed!  Now what?

Placing The Order

"I only want work done on my pens - I'm not ordering any physical products"

Add Pen Tuning, Nib Grinding, or Pen Restoration to your cart.  If you are sending multiple pens, please add the appropriate quantity to the cart.  So if you want your 4 Pilot Metros all tuned to perfection, you should add Pen Tuning x4 to the cart.

When you checkout, you can choose to either prepay now for the services, OR select "Invoice Me" as your payment method.  If you choose Invoice Me as your payment method, I will generate an invoice after the work is complete.

"I want work done on my pens and I want to order a physical item from the store"

If you combine pen work with a physical item (for example, you add Pen Tuning AND a physical pen) to the cart and checkout, I will hold onto the physical merchandise you ordered and wait to receive your pens.  After I complete work on your pens, I will combine your pens with the merchandise and ship everything back in one package.  This is how the shipping calculator in the cart works - it's not smart enough to split the order into multiple shipments.

So if you want your merchandise right away, please check out with all merchandise separately from any nib tuning, grinds, or restoration services.  Then check out again with just the pen services.  Thank you :)

"How long will it take?"

Turnaround time will depend on what you would like done, and please note transit times are not included:

  • Pen Tuning: Generally 2-7 days
  • Nib Grinds: Generally 7-14 days
  • Pen Repair, Tine Straightening: 10-14 days
  • Pen Restoration: 10-14 days, unless I need to order parts. I will communicate with you if I need to order parts and update with a new timeline.

"I placed the order - now what?"

After the order is placed, you will receive an automated email acknowledging the order and give you shipping instructions.  Please pack your pens well (empty all ink first please!) and ship them to the address in the email.  If you write on a particular paper and wants your pens tuned for it, please include a few pieces in the package and I will tune your pens to the paper.  Once I receive the pens, I will send you another email acknowledging receipt and they will enter the work queue.

If there are any issues, if I have any questions, or if your pen condition requires a modification to the work order (you ordered pen tuning but the tines are bent, for example), I will reach out to discuss.  We will be in constant contact while I have possession of your pen.

When the work is completed, I will ship the pens back to you via USPS.  If you requested an invoice, I will generate it as well.

"I received my pens back and have comments/questions"

You are always welcome to reach out!  You can fill out the simple Contact page to reach me, or just reply to the order email.  Once an order is placed you will have my direct email address.

A review of my services or a referral is the best thanks I could get.

"I don't live in the U.S. - can you work on my pens?"

Yes, I have worked with customers all over the world.  When I ship the pens back to you, I will mark on the customs form this was a repair order and I am returning the merchandise.  However, I cannot be held responsible for any potential import duties or taxes levied by your country to receive the return shipment.  In fact, I had one customer in Canada that was charged a significant sum to receive his pens.  This was the one and only time I heard about such a charge.

I will work with you and your authorities to explain that this is a return shipment, but at the end of the day, I am not an import/export professional and I do not know everything involved in global shipments.  I can promise you will have my best effort.

99% of the the global orders I receive go through without an issue.